The final batch!

Updated: May 16, 2021

The final batch of MP40 blank firers has arrived from GSG. There are unlikely to be further manufacturing runs. We have received a pallet load of them and will be bring some to events for sale so long as stocks last. If you don't want to wait that long, you can also order directly by contacting me on . Prices as follows:

MP40 Blank firer: £500

Spare magazine: £50

Box of 50 rounds 9mm PAK blanks: £18*

Delivery: £30**

Please note:

* Blank firing auto and semi auto firearms and blank firers are tuned to specific ammunition. The GSG MP40 is specifically tuned to the blanks we sell for this. However, I have tested this blank firer with a large range of third party PAK blanks and so far I have found it to work perfectly well with all of them. So it is up to you what you choose to run through your GSG MP40 blank firer.

** Obviously a delivery charge will only be levied if I am sending it to you. You are always welcome to collect from us in Norfolk or at any of the events we are attending. See our events page:

Here are MP40s in service in Vietnam. The MP40 has found its way into just about every conflict on all sides during and after WW2.


The final pallet is selling well and if you are interested in acquiring one of these you are advised to contact us fast. We can reserve one for you until an event we are all attending but not if stock runs out!

In other news GSG have confirmed that they will NOT be releasing any other blank firers. i.e. there will NOT be an MP44 added!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++UPDATE ENDS+++++++++++++++++++

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