Hire and Fire Limited Sectin 5 firearms for hire to the re-enactor, film and tv industries

Who are we?

Hire and Fire Limited was founded in 2017 to bring fresh ideas and energy to the field of acting and re-enacting with firearms. We offer a wide range of firearms spanning over 100 years of military history from the 1898 Maxim Machine Gun through two World Wars of weaponry right up to modern pistols and automatic rifles.


Owner of the company, Tom Webster, has some 35 years experience as a professional trainer and has been active in the re-enacting/living history field since early this century. He has organised a number of successful living history groups and staged a number of public display battle displays at renowned events such as Military Odyssey and Bunker Bash over the years.


Head Armourer, Steve Iles, brings some 40 years of firearms expertise to the company. Steve is also a recognised martial arts professional instructor of international repute. He has been active in the living history/re-enacting field for over 15 years.