In with a bang (bang...bang...bang...)

Good news everyone!

They’re en route!

I am expecting delivery of the GSG MP40 blank firers within the next few days. Numbers are very low and will the blank firers will only be supplied on a first come first served basis. So if you want one you will now need to act fast. These will be issued in order of date and time of arrival of a £100 deposit. Anyone paying a £100 deposit who is unlucky/too slow will be given the option of having their deposit returned or be at the top of the waiting list for subsequent deliveries.

The price is £500 and this includes the gun, one magazine and loading and cleaning kit.

Meanwhile please also consider the blanks you will need. They take 9mm PAK blanks. From what I have been able to assess from the sample that I have, this gun seems to be flexible with regards to which company’s blanks it will work with, however, as with all blank firing auto or semi auto firearms the gun has been tuned to operate best on a certain make of blank. I will be stocking these as well and will have a good stock available when the guns arrive. If you buy them with the gun the introductory price will be £17 per box of 50 if bought with the gun, thereafter standard retail price will be £20 per 50. These are very high quality blanks.

Spare magazines will also be available, however, not at the time of release of the guns. These will become available later in the year and standard retail price for these is expected to be £40 each.

I also have a very limited stock of slings and mag pouches at £14 and £30 (pair) respectively.

Deposits may be paid via direct transfer to Hire and Fire Limited, a/c 72973093, sort 40-51-62 or via cheque to Hire and Fire Limited, Parsonage Farm, Parsonage Lane, Albury, Herts, SG11 2HU.

As soon as the stock is delivered (I’m expecting c. Wednesday or Thursday) I shall contact each of the lucky purchasers to make arrangements for any extras such as blanks, slings, mag pouches etc and delivery.

Regarding the blank firers themselves. These have undergone three key changes since they were first seen as samples some three years ago.

1.Most importantly they vent upwards just forward of the chamber, not forward of the front sight as the original samples.

2. The vent itself now also sports a shield to prevent accidental removal of one’s thumb. I have yet to see the blank firers but I’m told that this sailed is removable by the owner if desired. Though obviously this would be at your own risk.

3. The blank firers will be branded “Edgar Brother” rather than “GSG”. This is to differentiate them from the illegal German specification examples that may find their way onto the market. Basically if it doesn’t say “Edgar Brothers”, chances are it will be illegal.

Remember stock levels are extremely low and these will sell out VERY quickly!

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