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Due to new rules that came out of the Home Office late last year, all re-enactors who wish to hire firearms for events will need to fill out the appropriate forms and submit them to us no later than 8 weeks prior to the event they wish to hire for. The cut off dates have been clearly marked on the events page, but if you have any doubts please contact us.

Once we have your completed forms the information contained therein is submitted to the police force for the area within which the event is held and vetted by them with regards to whether the hirer comes under the category "prohibited person".

This is a real hassle for you but an even bigger one for us as we are no longer allowed to bring along any "spare" firearms in case there are any last minute requests to hire from us. We also have a requirement imposed upon us to increase the man power per event and this means we need to let our armourers know in plenty of time whether or not they will be needed on any given event. For this reason we will also be requiring hirers to pay a £25 deposit for events. This is not all bad news as it will help you spread the costs for events at least.

Having said all the above, we have striven to keep costs down and despite increases in ammunition costs to us have mitigated them as far as possible by buying in bulk. The new pricelist for 2019 is available and whilst there are increases we have been able to reduce the price on a few items.

We wish for your understanding in all of this, unfortunately it is a reflection of the changing World we live in

Humvee at Wicksteed Show, 2018, armed with M60 and M4s


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