Background to the courses

Over the years we have identified a requirement for both actors and re-enactors to become both safer and more proficient in the handling of different firearms systems. By the end of each course we run, participants will be not only safer and more proficient, but they will also experience an elevated level of confidence in the designated weapons systems that will come across to both employers and the viewing public. This combination of attributes will make both actors and re-enactors more employable in their respective fields.


The courses

Hire and Fire have some dozen courses available “off the peg”. We can also offer bespoke courses to meet any specific acting or re-enacting need with expert advice sourced from a number of different areas to meet the respective needs of the groups and/or individuals.


Hire and Fire Limited courses are only open to candidates who are either registered actors or re-enactors. If you are neither please use the contacts page to see how we may be able to help.

Candidates must also be:

- Over 18 (some film roles may be exempt).

- Of sound health and mind

-Have no custodial prison record within the past 5 years

- Not be a "prohibited person".

  1. Firearms Overview

This course is primarily aimed at actors and re-enactors who are new to weapon’s handling. As such the course covers a wide range of firearms in a relatively superficial manner with a strong emphasis of safety and safe operating techniques. General function of firearms is covered to give a general skill set that will readily translate across to a number of different weapons that the actor or re-enactor is likely to encounter. The course will cover varied weapons such as pistols, rifles, sub machine guns and support machine guns. Whilst the course will not go into any of these systems in any great depth, it will give candidates a good fundamental grasp on how to use them. Whilst candidates will become moderately proficient with a range of firearms, the course should really be considered as a primer for any of the other courses. The course will include a degree of hands-on blank ammunition firing.


Duration:         one day        

Typical firearms used:    Glock 17, Mauser rifle, AK47, Sten, Bren


2. The M4/M16 and general field operational exercises.

This course will benefit both actors and re-enactors seeking modern military roles. As such the focus will be on the military handling of the M4/M16 platform in such a manner that will come across to both film industry and re-enactor viewing public  as both slick and professional. As such we will cover not only the firearm itself, but also how to deploy it in various tactical situations. Candidates will learn how to operate the firearm both individually and as part of a team. Whilst the rehearsals will largely focus on special forces techniques, regular military handling techniques will not be neglected. After the course candidates will look more professional on any film set or public display arena. The course will benefit candidates seeking military, para-military and international special forces roles.


Duration:         two days

Typical firearms used:    M16A2, M4, Custom M4


3. Pistols

This course will cover both semi automatic pistols and revolvers. Whilst the primary focus will be on military handguns and techniques we will not neglect the plethora of other roles available to candidates using pistols either as actors or re-enactors. The course will examine the different grips suitable for pistols in various roles as well as drawing techniques, magazine changes, re-holstering, night time use with torches and transitional techniques from main firearm to pistol.

Candidates will finish the course proficient in pistols use whether for a Victorian drama, police role, gangster or a special forces action sequence either in front of the camera or on a public display field.


Duration:         one day

Typical firearms used:    Glock 17, Sig 226, Smith and Wesson .38 Special, Colt M1911


4. Modern support weapons

As an ideal follow on course to our M4/M16 course, this course picks up on the general military field craft idea and introduces the support firearms to candidates. This will be ideal for actors and re-enactors who prefer the support role with heavier weapons than the more nimble assault rifle role. In the course we will examine a range of support machine guns and expand on methods where each might be used and how to integrate their use into the rest of the team. As such candidates will learn about the different modes of fire as well as looking slick and professional whilst undertaking mag or belt changes. By the end of the course both actors and re-enactors will look and behave more polished with the support weapon whether firing it, carrying it or deploying it ready for use.


Duration:         one day

Typical firearms used:    GPMG, KGK, M2

5. CQC (Close Quarters Combat)

This course is a natural progression from the above courses, introduces a couple of new weapons (the tactical shotgun, MP5 and stun grenade) and pulls things together into close quarters  battle techniques, most especially room clearance and hostage rescue roles. By the end of this course, whether candidates be actors or re-enactors, they will be well placed to take on almost any military role in either film or display arena.

Duration:               One day

Typical firearms used:    M92, Glock, Sig 226, MP5, M4


This course is for those who wish to take on roles representing “the other side” whether that be military roles such as the North Vietnamese Army or traditional “bad guy” roles. As such we will cover the firearms systems most often associated with these roles such as the AK47. Both actors and re-enactors will become proficient in handling these weapons both in the firing and the carrying and stripping down. Most importantly candidates will learn the safety issues with these firearms so that they will not only be able to perform professionally on set or in the public arena but also with a heightened awareness for the safety of those around them.


Duration:         one day

Typical firearms used:    AK47, RPD, SVD, KGK


7. Historic Firearms

This category covers a wider array of topics and each course will be themed to the historic period with which the actors or re-enactors are engaged. As such the contents will be varied but typically will cover the main firearm used by the unit/army in question along with appropriate support firearms and a number of alternatives relevant to the period, unit or army in question. Examples are as follows, please enquire about others:


Desert Storm

M16A2, M203, SA80, AW50, Remington 870, 



M60, M16A1, M203, RPD, RPK, AK47/Type 56, SKS, SVD


WW2 Wehrmacht/SS

MG42, MG34, MP44, MP40, K98, P08, P38



M2, M1919 A4/A6, BAR, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson, M3, M1911


WW2 British

Vickers, Bren, Thompson, Sten, Enfield rifle, Webley revolver


WW2 Russian

Maxim, DP28, PPsH41, PPS43, SVT, Mosin Nagant



MG08, Vickers, Maxim, BAR, Lewis, Webley revolver, P08

Dates, venues and prices are currently under review and will be published as soon as possible. Please contact us for the latest update. Please also be aware that we can run bespoke courses throughout the year. Special rates for Autumn, Winter and Spring.