The new face of Hire and Fire Ltd.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Chris Dowling has been appointed the new General Manager of Hire and Fire Ltd. Many of you will already have met him at recent events and this new role for him underscores the professionalism and sheer knowledge that Chris brings to the role. Until Recently Chris has been a machine gunner in the Army and his knowledge and dedication to firearms and firearms operation is at the top of the game.

Hire and Fire Ltd has always prided itself in the quality and preparedness of its firearms and Chris has already shown a dedication in maintaining our firearms to these highest of standards - a task made none the easier when one considers that many of these firearms are up to a century old and are, to a large degree, reliant on the quality of ammunition available! I wish Chris well in the future in this role and look forward to the additional facets he will be bringing to the company.

Chris inspecting our newly acquired Sig P.239


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