A game of two halves!

Well we are now half way through 2018 and what a superb first half it has been! Many thanks to all the re-enactors and show organisers who have helped make it happen. So now here's to looking forward to an even better second half with some great shows and rehearsal events lined up!

However, on other news, we are now essentially out of stock of our previous batch of blank ammo and have replenished supplies which are, unfortunately, more expensive. Whilst we have endeavoured to keep the prices as low as possible, we have had to pass on some of this price increase. Having said that, one or two prices have actually gone down!

The ordering part of the website still refuses to function so if you wish to make any purchases please contact us directly and we will help you personally.

I am still awaiting deliveries of the Edgar Brothers MP40 blank firers and have been told that they are definitely coming but the promised delivery date has yet again been pushed back. In the meantime the pre-allocated stock is all but gone, so if you are not yet on the pre-allocation list and want one, you will need to contact me ASAP!

Until next time!

At some events, such as Wrest Park here, we get some really Gucci accommodation for the armoury!


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